Podcasting Magazine

Welcome to Podcasting Magazine’s website.

Podcasting Magazine was founded and developed for podcasters and those that listen to podcasts in May of 2014 for iOS devices. It is currently being developed to serve podcasters and podcast consumers of the Android Device community as well.

With the advent of the iPad and subsequent app store, it became clear that a great number of people would be and are now consuming an ever growing amount of digital content on their mobile devices. This digital content was not relegated to music only.

The amount of time people were spending engaged with gaming apps and apps in general was a cue. Our love of apps and podcasts seem to inch us closer to serving the podcast community. Those that were interested in podcasts as sources of entertainment and information were missing something…

That something was a industry journal that served podcast creators, consumers and enthusiasts. Combining a mobile app with a journal to make an interactive magazine made perfect sense. Podcasting Magazine is that interactive magazine that features articles for those that prefer to read, video for those that prefer to watch and audio for those that prefer to listen. Further, Podcasting Magazine has the interactiveness of mobile apps so that its users can tap, swipe and use more of their senses to experience the journal.

Our goal is to feature experienced as well as up and coming podcasters, their shows and much more. We intend to provide unbiased reviews of podcast shows, gear as well as articles, videos and other podcast topic related audios in every issue.

We’ll cover advertising and marketing strategies, interview experts, cover new technologies, apps, equipment and resources as they become available.

There will be opportunities to feature new podcasters and experienced podcasters alike, so we definitely want to hear from you!

We appreciate you dropping by and checking out what we have here. We’ll be adding